Junior Playhouse




Our Junior Playhouse is unique in that not only does it offer programming for young audiences, but it offers hands-on real life opportunities for young actors and technicians. Presenting performances for more than 50 years, the Junior Playhouse annually produces productions typically adapted from, or based on, classic and popular children's literature. The Junior Playhouse also sometimes works with the Mainstage to jointly present a large-scale holiday or family musical.

Additionally, the Junior Playhouse offers a summer camp for young performers and annually grants a scholarship to a graduating high school senior who has been actively involved in Oak Ridge Playhouse.


Participation in Junior Playhouse is open to young thespians up through high school. Actors and actresses are selected through a typical audition process for each show. While auditions are open to all, there may be minimum age restrictions depending on what type of casting a particular show requires. Similarly, those who wish to work backstage should be at least twelve years old, depending on the crew position.



Send an e-mail to: juniorplayhouse@orplayhouse.com