It’s a time of renewal and fresh starts. A time for shaking off the winter blues and looking FORWARD to brighter days.

Did you know that Bluebirds return to the same nest year after year, loyal to the homes they have built? I like to think of you as our Bluebirds and the Playhouse your home.  Our home.  A nest in which we take pride and loyally gather year after year to share in the experiences of telling stories and taking journeys of imagination, education, and entertainment along with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers.

I still don’t know an exact date that we will be back to performing live, but with each passing day, the chances look more and more hopeful that we can all return and be together later this summer. 

So, it’s time to move FORWARD and ready the nest.

Arts organizations have been particularly vulnerable to the pandemic, but we managed to weather the storm that was 2020 with a combination online programming, grants, government programs, fundraising efforts, and gifts from few extraordinary people.  But, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Continue to be our “Bluebirds” and our “League of Extraordinary People” that we’ve always been able to depend on.  Your contribution to Oak Ridge Playhouse is not just an investment in the renewal of a 78-year legacy, but also a commitment to the vibrancy of the communities of East Tennessee.  Your gift will help ensure our readiness when it’s time to re-open.

Let’s SPRING FORWARD and fly!