Did you know that even though the Playhouse is in its 80th season, it wasn’t until 1957 that we moved into the old Centre Theater movie house, built a stage, and dug out a basement to create dressing room and green room spaces underneath? The dressing rooms and green room (where the actors wait to go onstage) have not seen any significant upgrades since then.  That’s 65 years!  It’s time we do something about that, and we need your help!  That’s why for Giving Tuesday this year, we want  to raise $12,000 (or more) to use as seed money to make much needed improvements like installing drywall, flooring, new makeup stations, sinks and toilets, and a fresh coat of paint.  Remember how your help during Giving Tuesday 2019 helped us turn our dilapidated rehearsal room in to a clean bright work space for our volunteers? Let’s do it again!

The Playhouse is more than just a place to see a great show or a place to flex your creative muscle. It’s also a community where friendships are built, relationships are fostered, and where we all gather to take part in a shared experience or to meet a common goal.

On November 29, GIVING TUESDAY, share in the common goal of helping the Playhouse raise at least $12,000 to upgrade our green room and dressing room spaces.