It’s Christmas Eve 1946 and WBFR Radio in Manhattan is broadcasting a live presentation of “It’s A Wonderful Life” featuring six of the studio’s favorite performers taking on the dozens of characters in the classic story. The broadcast includes comedy sketches, commercials, and holiday music.


Versatile actors to play the following –

Jake Laurentis –  Male, 30-35

An everyman, he’s genuine, passionate about everything he does, the underdog that everyone wants to win in the end, attractive, but perhaps a bit physically awkward. Jake’s secret is that he’s never really acted in anything before… he’s just playing himself. Voices the roles of George Bailey and Young George Bailey.

Miss Sally Applewhite – Female, 25-35

Girl-next-door type actress, wholesome, smart, funny, talented, and beautiful. A bridge between ingénue and leading lady. Preferably a strong solo vocalist. Voices the roles of Mary Hatch and Young Mary.

Freddie Filmore – Male, 40-55

Full of charm, the emcee of the evening’s presentation, well-polished, self-assured with a bit of an ego. Besides being the radio show’s announcer, he voices multiple roles including, Gower, Peter (George’s son), Ernie (a cab driver), Ed (at the run on the bank), Man at Martini’s), Nick/Bartender, and Cop.*

Miss Lana Sherwood – Female, 30-40

Sassy and precocious, she’s a character actress who has heard and seen it all. A bit jaded, but inside that hard outer core, there’s a heart of gold. Voices multiple roles including Violet Brick, Mrs. Thompson, ZuZu, and Janie (George’s daughter).*

Miss Alice Jane Kenworthy – Female, 40-60

Stalwart “grand-dame” of the radio show, an accomplished and famed stage actress.  Voices multiple roles including Rose Bailey, Matilda (a secretary), Ruth Bailey (Harry’s wife), Mrs. Hatch (Mary’s mother), and Sadie Vance (a bank examiner).*

Harry “Jazzbo” Heywood – Male, 30-50

The comedic and character actor of the radio troupe.  Funny, warm, and very engaging, with a strong stage presence. Voices multiple roles including Clarence (the angel) Harry, Young Harry (George’s brother), Bert, Sam Wainwright (an entrepreneur), Martini (a bar owner), and Dr. Campbell.*

The Lester Sisters – Females, 25-35

An Andrews Sisters type singing trio.  Special guests on the evening’s broadcast, they perform musical numbers on the program and may voice a role in the story here and there.  Strong vocal abilities, especially an ability to sing multi-part harmony.

*Please note: depending on final casting, some of the multiple role assignments may be shifted between actors.


Auditions will be held by appointment.  Please sign up for either date.

Saturday, September 11 – 1PM – 4PM
Monday, September 13 – 6:30PM – 9:00 PM


November 19- December 5

October 4

Cold reading from the script; Please bring sheet music for a prepared mid-20th century classic Christmas song; Please bring a recent headshot or photo; Be prepared to provide rehearsal conflicts October 5 – November 18.


Please enter Green Room Entrance at the rear of the Playhouse on Tennessee Avenue.  Masks are required except while in the audition room.